Monthly Archives: June 2018

Monstrously Massive Murals

Art comes in an endless combination of shapes and sizes, from the art that fits onto a fingernail to sculptures that people can physically walk inside. As an artist, getting your work into the hands (or eyes) of as many people as possible is always part of the goal. Each message hidden within the images […]


Japanese Street Art Bosses

Twoone Spoken as two-one as apposed to how it reads, this artists’ works is often finished with messy expressionist slashes and scribbles. Renowned for his skillfully drawn animal heads, which often sit atop of human bodies, Twoone has a style that sits perfectly alongside fantasy and horror. With a collection of pieces showing fragile arrows […]


Captured by Street Art

Why Does Graffiti Demand Our Attention? The atypical street art style is one of the most recognisable artistic expressions. Commonly referred to under the blanket term graffiti, the world now knows there are absolutely no limits on what this term can imply. Over generations artists have begun to break the boundaries of what can be […]