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Interpretation of Cartoon Characters

In 1928 at a studio in California, two men crafted the image of an icon that would permeate the minds of people in almost every country on the planet. The two men were Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and of course their legendary creation was the world-famous Mickey Mouse. Today this image is so ingrained […]


The Important Cultural Satire of Ron English

Born in the Illinois city of Decatur, this 59-year-old artist is responsible for changing the perspective of brands for an entire generation. Ron English’s art is known worldwide for its mass appeal and clever re-use of pop culture characters and brand names. Yet it is on his home turf, the very same American soil where […]


The Greatest NYC Street Art

New York City is the pinnacle of so many art forms, from Pioneering musicians, fashion designers to toy sculptors. Its mark on the world of graffiti is no different. Because of its concentrated urban population, rife tourism and really because it is the epicenter of pop culture – it has been a worthwhile site for […]