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Interpretation of Cartoon Characters

In 1928 at a studio in California, two men crafted the image of an icon that would permeate the minds of people in almost every country on the planet. The two men were Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and of course their legendary creation was the world-famous Mickey Mouse. Today this image is so ingrained […]


The Important Cultural Satire of Ron English

Born in the Illinois city of Decatur, this 59-year-old artist is responsible for changing the perspective of brands for an entire generation. Ron English’s art is known worldwide for its mass appeal and clever re-use of pop culture characters and brand names. Yet it is on his home turf, the very same American soil where […]


The Greatest NYC Street Art

New York City is the pinnacle of so many art forms, from Pioneering musicians, fashion designers to toy sculptors. Its mark on the world of graffiti is no different. Because of its concentrated urban population, rife tourism and really because it is the epicenter of pop culture – it has been a worthwhile site for […]


Monstrously Massive Murals

Art comes in an endless combination of shapes and sizes, from the art that fits onto a fingernail to sculptures that people can physically walk inside. As an artist, getting your work into the hands (or eyes) of as many people as possible is always part of the goal. Each message hidden within the images […]


Japanese Street Art Bosses

Twoone Spoken as two-one as apposed to how it reads, this artists’ works is often finished with messy expressionist slashes and scribbles. Renowned for his skillfully drawn animal heads, which often sit atop of human bodies, Twoone has a style that sits perfectly alongside fantasy and horror. With a collection of pieces showing fragile arrows […]


Captured by Street Art

Why Does Graffiti Demand Our Attention? The atypical street art style is one of the most recognisable artistic expressions. Commonly referred to under the blanket term graffiti, the world now knows there are absolutely no limits on what this term can imply. Over generations artists have begun to break the boundaries of what can be […]


Graffiti Artists Worldwide

France, Nelio – Born in the early 80’s, the artist known as Nelio has become a rising star in the French art scene over the years. In contrast to what people expect when they see graffiti art, Nelio constantly breaks barriers and crosses boundaries of the genre. Instead of the thickly applied chunky bubble letters […]


Banksy in 2018 – Part 2

Scott Street Bridge, Hull – In Yorkshire a new piece appeared in January featuring a child sitting atop of some other street art. The small adventurer holds a shield in one hand, what appears to be a colander on his head, and thrusts a small sword skyward. The words ‘Draw the raised bridge’ sit next […]


Banksy in 2018 – Part 1

The Latest Works of The Popular Artist Sometimes artists become synonymous with their craft, and sometimes vise versa. In the past surrealism was inseparable from Dali, abstract from Picasso, Pop Art from Warhol. In the last decade the art of Graffiti has become dominated by a single name too, the name – Banksy. Beginning in […]