Graffiti Artists Worldwide

The Widespread Culture Of Street Art

France, Nelio – Born in the early 80’s, the artist known as Nelio has become a rising star in the French art scene over the years. In contrast to what people expect when they see graffiti art, Nelio constantly breaks barriers and crosses boundaries of the genre. Instead of the thickly applied chunky bubble letters or the rapid overlapping lines of traditional street art, the French contemporary instead has a more minimalist approach. Using defined line work, soft colours and striking geometry, the work of this artist is not the stenciled black and white imagery we are used to, this is truly abstract artist. This unconventional avenue makes their work instantly eye-catching and immediately recognisable – an impressive and astonishing deviation from the norm.

Egypt, Aya Tarek – When she was just 18, Tarek begun sharing her street art with the world. Beginning in her town of Alexandria her wondrous murals began to appear on walls everywhere. With beautifully crafted comic-style inspired portraits, her work often perfectly captures an emotion in a subtle glance. With a strong belief that street art like her own is vitally important in stamping out the censorship that is rife in countries such as her own, Tarek’s work became highly recognised as times of conflict rose. Today she creates for indoor exhibitions and has collaborated with commercial clients worldwide, now sharing her thought provoking work more efficiently.

Brazil, Ananda Nahu – After studying design and fine arts and becoming deeply interested in many avenues of artistic expression, Nahu begun creating her impressive murals soon after. With oversized but life-like faces constantly surrounded by vibrant colours, her works remain grounded by the idea that all she expresses is “human”. Representing people of colour and often females, her mix of styles in overlapping waves of texture results in stunning pieces every time.

Australia, Facter – Based in Melbourne, which in itself has become a breeding ground for up and coming street artists, Facter (Or Fletcher Andersen) has been involved in the graffiti scene since 1990. After bowing out for some years he returned a decade ago with his bold lines and popping colours. Much like the vast selection of fauna his native island is known for, Facter’s work features fascinating creatures that look equally as dangerous as they do appealing. With graffiti alone not able to hold him down, Facter has progressed into other mediums; designing toys, and writing for his website Invurt. Today he remains an outspoken advocate of street art and a supporter of its creators.

Canada, ESM-Artificial – Graphic Design takes a front seat in the works of ESM’s work, unmissable chunky fonts and pop art colours adorn almost everything he touches. Kenn Sakurai is the birth name of the prolific creator of countless projects big and small. His mass-produced screen-printings are so well defined that you can’t help but spot them even amongst the backdrops of other artists’ work. With an in-your-face approach to the rising issue of consumerism, ESM’s art often features the faces and names of supermodels, Hollywood stars and popular characters. But unlike many others, Sakurai can execute style and demand your attention with the typography of a simple phrase.