Japanese Street Art Bosses


Spoken as two-one as apposed to how it reads, this artists’ works is often finished with messy expressionist slashes and scribbles. Renowned for his skillfully drawn animal heads, which often sit atop of human bodies, Twoone has a style that sits perfectly alongside fantasy and horror. With a collection of pieces showing fragile arrows penetrating the skulls of various fauna, such as ‘Hunted Hunter’s Head’ its obvious that he is aware of his strengths and his brand. With an assortment of paints and canvases big and small, the level of artistry here is as prevalent as the street art styling that no doubt helped make him so well known.

Lady Aiko

Already skilled with the eye and detail of a future highflying artist, Lady Aiko studied under the superstar creator Takashi Murakami. Now with her own exhibits and murals from New York to Dubai and collaborations with huge brands, she has far outshined her apprenticeship. Her bold and kinetic line work is easily isolated from her competition, with an unquestionably traditional Japanese texture and use of popping flat colours. The fine-tuned combination of this classical look and the contemporary design creates a terrific fusion of new and old that really leaps from the walls.


With the nom de plume meaning sun and moon, Hitotzuki is a pair of artists. Married couple Sasu and Kami collaborate under a collective name. What results is a wonderful mix of styles that seem to fuse together effortlessly. The combination found all over their work is winding, bending rounded tentacles and clouds, decorated with sharp and wonderfully coloured geometrical flowers. These work alongside one another over and over until it becomes apparent that they are inseparable.

Yohei Takahashi

There is no doubt that this Okinawan native has what it takes to be a worldwide name. Well known for his live painting, this master of visually arresting creatures operates in Tokyo. His unmatched talent and beautifully crafted animal images always seem to have a liquid flow about them. In a constant state of movement, most times complex, the familiar heads and torsos of horses, goats and snarling wolves regularly become the tips of the waves in these awe inspiring, fluid murals. His work features accuracy, immeasurable detail and cinematic level of composition, that leaves any wall blessed with the stroke his paintbrush improved forever.

Whole 9

Another duo that uses their competing personal tastes and stylistic approaches to create pieces that enrapture onlookers. The team of Hitch and Simo combine stunning portraits firmly grounded in realism, with colours, shapes and environments that are remarkably abstract. The mind-boggling outcome is a series of incredible works that look like they can only be achieved through hallucinogenic drug use. Surreal ribbons of light and shapes with glowing hues wrap around inverted individuals. Perfect portraits slot into impossible neon environments and animals are caught adrift in between bubbles of reality and the glossy balloons of the unknown. Together their iconic pieces continue to spread city wide, and hopefully soon will spread even further.