The Greatest NYC Street Art

New York City is the pinnacle of so many art forms, from Pioneering musicians, fashion designers to toy sculptors. Its mark on the world of graffiti is no different. Because of its concentrated urban population, rife tourism and really because it is the epicenter of pop culture – it has been a worthwhile site for murals from the greatest street artists around the world. Since New York is a breeding ground for talent its no surprise that natives choose to spray up walls in their neighborhood, yet artists have traveled from across the globe to get a spot on this highly regarded and widely observed palette. Here are some of the many pieces thrown up around the city that never sleeps.

Coney Island

Millions pass the Coney Art walls every year. Surrounding the attractions of the famous theme park at Coney Island, this rotating collection of works from a multitude of street art talents is always packed with fantastic work. With huge names in the industry such as Lady Aiko, Ron English and Mister Cartoon, these landscape paintings are unmissable. Each one is a window into the varying style and exceptional skill of some of the greatest names in the movement.

Graffiti Hall of Fame

Situated on Madison Avenue this spot is unsurprisingly dedicated to the art. A showcase of the urban graphic styles of many artists, this area that includes several walls, benches and a basketball court now have plenty of color. With new and breaking artists commissioned to paint on top of weary older pieces, this area of NYC will continue to show off great work for a long time to come.

Crack Is Wack

Influential Artist Keith Haring was responsible for creating a slew of great works in the 1980’s. At this point the epidemic of crack cocaine was sweeping America and was rife in New York. After a close friend of Haring became addicted it inspired several pieces that all proclaimed loudly ‘Crack is Wack’. This culturally significant and personal piece remains a timestamp in Harlem, reminding us of the harrowing times that passed in an upbeat and striking manner.

Os Gemeos Mural

A pair of artists from Brazil is responsible for this one. A spectacularly oversized depiction of a character merging through a wall looks over passersby in East Village. Dedicated to the creators of “real” hip-hop, this old school looking B-Boy carries a boombox and wears his cap backwards. With numerous rappers forming from the streets of New York, this tribute to the music genre stands to influence generations to come for a long time.

Bowery Wall

Another public place used as a destination for a collective of street art extraordinaires. Now owned by Goldman Properties, the site is still subjected to the wonderful work of superstar artists such as Shepard Fairey, CRASH and more recently David Choe. These pieces are expertly made, full of colour and designed to demand your attention. No matter when you pay a visit to this iconic destination there will always be something outstanding glaring alongside the streets.